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Auto Industry Solutions | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 Auto Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0

Auto Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0 Auto solutions are widely applicable for addressing different aspects of the Auto Business from Factories to Supply Chains to Customers. They work equally well for the main Finished Goods as well as for the Spares business.

Image_Higher Service Level in terms of Case Fill_V2
Image_Lower outbound Freight_V2
Image Lower own RM and FG Inventory V2 | Algorhythm Tech
Image_Lower Dealer Working capital_V2

Key Modules and Auto Use Cases

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Image Deliverables in a snapshot 1 | Algorhythm Tech

Some Case Studies

An iconic Auto Manufacturer optimized Dealer and its own Working Capital for its Spares business by over 25% and improved Service Levels by 10%. The problem entailed over 50,000 parts deployed at over 1000 dealer locations. Understand How.

iStock 927781468 | Algorhythm Tech

An Iconic Auto Manufacturer discovered potential of nearly 50 million USD annual saving in its Distribution Cost of its Commercial Vehicles through optimized linkages, warehouse locations, mode of transport and product at plants. Understand How.

iStock 916666112 | Algorhythm Tech