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FMCG Industry Solutions | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 FMCG Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0

FMCG Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0 FMCG solutions are widely applicable for addressing every aspects of FMCG Business Planning from Factories to Supply Chains to Sales. These solutions work at strategic to tactical to operational levels and make immediate to long-term impact on the business.


Lower total landed cost of Freight,
Material, Production and Fixed Cost

Image_Better Business Results


Higher Service Level
ex-Depot and ex-Customer


Lower RM and FG Inventory
as well as Customer Inventory

Key Modules and FMCG Use Cases

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Image_Deliverables in a snapshot

Some Case Studies

A Large FMCG company’s India Operation reduced its Inventory by 12% and Improved Service Levels by 7% through Connected Supply, Logistics and Inventory Planning.

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One of the largest CPG companies optimized its Manufacturing Network across Europe, Africa and Asian Geographies to save between 10 to 15 million Euros in each Market.

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