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Telecom Industry Solutions | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 Telecom Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0

Telecom Industry Solutions

rhythm 2.0 Telecom solutions are meant to help companies ramp up their Infrastructure at a rapid pace. They help manage Demand for Projects and optimize Deployment and Sourcing of Project requirements to ensure timely Infrastructural ramp up at the lowest possible cost.

Image_Inventory Reduction

Inventory Reduction

Image_Service Improvement

Service Improvement



Key Modules and Telecom Use Cases

Demand Management

Image Demand Management | Algorhythm Tech
Image Supply Planning | Algorhythm Tech

Supply Planning

Image Supply Planning | Algorhythm Tech

Supply Chain Analytics

Image Supply Chain Analytics | Algorhythm Tech

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Image_Deliverables in a Snapshot

Some Case Studies

One of the largest global Telecom Service Provider was in the process of massive Infrastructural Expansion. Over 3000 sites are commissioned or upgraded every month and around 20,000 items had to be made available on time. Planning process was manual leading excess inventory, deployment delays and poor visibility of Site Readiness. rhythm 2.0 was used for end to end Supply Planning to optimize Sourcing, Inter Unit Transfer and Purchase Rescheduling decisions. Site Readiness Visibility and Analytics was also provided. Beyond this, a large number of Suppliers collaborated for getting deployment visibility and for submitting their shipments.

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