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Distribution Network Planner | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 Distribution Network Planner

rhythm 2.0

Distribution Network Planner

Distribution Planner uniquely considers all variabilities and optimizes the total cost of freight, warehousing and inventories in one step along with service levels. It optimizes complete linkage of sourcing for each product market combination and delivers the right number, locations and capacities of warehouses.

Image_Distribution Network Planner
Image_Distribution Network Planner

Key Features

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Deliverables in a snapshot_Distribution Network Planner

Some Case Studies

A Leading Global Lubricants Manufacturer achieved the twin objectives of Higher Service Levels and Lower Costs. Service Levels improved by over 6% and total distribution cost reduced by 11%. Understand How..

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An Iconic Auto Manufacturer discovered potential of nearly 50 million USD annual saving in its Distribution Cost of its Commercial Vehicles through optimized linkages, warehouse locations, mode of transport and product at plants. Understand How..

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