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Logistics Planner | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 Logistics Planner

rhythm 2.0

Logistics Planner

Logistics Planner optimizes long term primary dispatches using Stocks and Production Plan. Mode of transport, product mix within trucks, direct dispatch and customer clubbing opportunities are optimized in one single step.

Image_Logistics Planner
Image_Logistics Planner

Key Features

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Deliverables in a snapshot_Logistics Planner

Some Case Studies

A Large Biscuit Manufacturer in India with over 150 warehouses and over 50 factories used logistics planner to get over 8% savings in primary distribution cost.

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One of the largest Manufacturer of Confectionary streamlined its logistics planning and improved service levels by over 4% and reduced cost of Logistics by over 5%.

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