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Demand Planner | Rhythm 2.0

rhythm 2.0 Demand Planner

rhythm 2.0

Demand Planner

Unique combination of algorithms to cleanse the data and predict the demand based on Sales history and various predictors generates a very good starting point. Enables easy collaboration subsequently through top down or bottom up approaches to generate Primary and Secondary unconstrained Forecast.

Image_Demand Planner
Image_Demand Planner

Key Features

Deliverables in a Snapshot

Deliverables in a snapshot_Demand Planner

Some Case Studies

Indian Arm of a Large Packaged Food Manufacturer used rhythm Demand Planner to expedite the Planning Cycle and Improve overall monthly forecast accuracy through consensus based forecasting.

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A mid sized Industrial Engineering Customer improved its Forecast accuracy by over 15% through Forecasting Engine and Collaborative demand planning.

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