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About Us


Algorhythm is a specialised products company that was acquired by Delhivery Limited in January 2023. It delivers intelligent, connected planning & optimization solutions for:


Factory Planning & Scheduling Manufacturing Execution Systems

Supply Chain

Network Design (Manufacturing, Distribution) Inventory Planning Demand Planning S&OP Logistics Planning Route Planning

Sales & Distribution

Last Mile Salesmen Route Planning Last Mile Delivery Planning

The bedrock of our successful solutioning and execution capabilities is the AI enabled rhythm 2.0 proprietary platform. It consists of a dozen products designed carefully to deal with various problems in manufacturing, supply chain, and sales & distribution processes. The functionality-rich products are the outcome of a rare confluence of extensive knowledge in three domains: a) Planning, b) IT, and c) Business processes in various sectors like CPG, metals, Auto, Telecom etc. These are underpinned by powerful, proprietary algorithms. All the products in rhythm 2.0 can be offered modularly and are seamlessly integrated through a global data model. This makes it simple and quick to scale from one module to another with only incremental implementation. Simplifying complexities and quick turnarounds are two common themes underlying our products and solutions. All Modules are also cloud-based. They are offered on a SaaS, pay-per-use model making them affordable and scalable at your level of comfort. We are a customer-focused company. We believe in deep engagements with our customers to understand their problems and in maintaining great relationships, and always travel that extra last mile to achieve this. If you need to plan your operations and squeeze the last drop of value out of your processes, you’ve come to the right place!